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Vision Prescription in Houston, TX

Almost all of our patients in Houston, Missouri City and the surrounding areas of Texas fill their eyeglass, sunglass and contact lens prescriptions in our office. In addition, many patients from other eye doctors turn to us to have their prescriptions filled.

Contact Lenses: With our enormous variety of contact lens brands and designs, we offer same-day dispensing of contact lenses for most patients. For your convenience, we can also arrange speedy delivery of contact lenses and solutions to your home or office. With our competitive fees and unbeatable manufacturer’s rebates, we can make your contact lens purchase very convenient and affordable.

What does Consumer Reports say about the best place to buy glasses?

When Consumer Reports looked into the best places to buy glasses, experts had these recommendations:

IF YOU’RE LIKE the 71,000 readers who told us about buying their glasses, you’ll probably be happier with an individual practitioner than a chain store.”

INDEPENDENT private optometrists and ophthalmologists who sell glasses, generally pleased readers more than did the big optical chains. They also offered glasses at prices that were competitive with the large chains.”

ALMOST HALF the readers who bought at one of the big optical chains complained that they had paid more than expected. Almost half of those who bought glasses from a big chain had to return them at least once, because of a problem with the spectacles.”

READERS EXAMINED by private optometrists and ophthalmologists generally found the examination very thorough; those examined at optical chains were much less likely to feel they had had a very thorough exam.”

If you live in Houston, Missouri City or the surrounding areas of Texas and have questions about your vision prescription, please contact us today.