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Implantable Contact Lenses in Houston, TX

Eye Excellence, led by board-certified ophthalmologist Mary T. Green, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S., is one of the Texas area’s most trusted names in vision correction surgery and is known for their state-of-the-art procedures in surgical vision correction, such as Visian® ICL™. Eye Excellence provides Visian® ICL™ along with several options in vision correction procedures for residents of Houston, Missouri City and the surrounding areas of Texas.

What Is the Visian® ICL™?

The Visian® ICL™, also known as the Implantable Contact Lens or Collamer® Lens, is implanted in the human eye to correct vision. Unlike traditional contact lenses that are worn on the outside surface of the eye, the Visian® ICL™ is implanted inside the eye, between the iris (the colored part of the eye) and the natural lens, where it remains indefinitely. If your vision changes dramatically over time, the Visian® ICL™ may be removed from the eye if necessary.

Biocompatible Lens Material: The Visian® ICL™ is made from a technologically-advanced lens material called Collamer® that is exclusive to STAAR® Surgical. Because Collamer® contains actual collagen, it is biocompatible with the eye and the eye does not reject it as a foreign object. The Visian® ICL™ provides exceptional quality of vision and is the best choice for a lens that will remain implanted inside your eye for a lifetime.

Corrects a Wide Range of Vision Problems: People between 21 and 45 who are nearsighted are the best candidates for the Visian® ICL™ implant. Ideal candidates should have had no previous ophthalmic surgery, nor a history of ophthalmic diseases, such as glaucoma, iritis or diabetic retinopathy.

Thin Corneas: The cornea is the curved portion of the front surface of the eye. The Visian® ICL™ does not cause any effect on the cornea and may be appropriate and safe for use in patients with thin corneas.

Dry Eyes: Visian® ICL™ does not affect, cause or contribute to dry eyes. If you suffer from dry eyes, consult with Dr. Green to see if the Visian® ICL™ may be the best vision correction option for you.

Extreme Refractive Error: A common cause of reduced visual acuity is refractive error in the focusing of light by the eye. Individuals seeking permanent vision correction may be suitable candidates for the Visian® ICL™, including those patients with low and extreme high refractive errors.

The Visian® ICL™ Procedure

Prior to Surgery (2 to 3 weeks): Dr. Green will perform a procedure to prepare your eye for implantation of the Visian® ICL™ in order to ensure the fluid inside your eye flows properly after your surgery. This procedure is virtually painless, as Dr. Green will apply numbing drops to the eye before making tiny openings in the colored portion of the eye with a laser beam. Following this preparative procedure, you will be given eye drops to prepare your eyes for surgery.

The Day of Surgery: You will not be able to drive yourself home, so we suggest you make arrangements prior to the day of surgery. You will be given anesthetic eye drops prior to the implantation to minimize any discomfort and Dr. Green may also choose to administer a sedative to keep you relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Green will create two micro-incisions at the edge of your cornea through which to insert and position the lens. The lens is then injected into its position, gently unfolding once inside your eye. Special marks on the lens ensure proper positioning. The total duration of the procedure is approximately 15 minutes. Recovery time following the Visian® ICL™ implant is very short since no sutures are required. Most patients can comfortably leave the clinic a few hours after the procedure.

After Surgery (Just a few days): To expedite healing, Dr. Green will prescribe eye drops to help prevent infection and inflammation following the procedure and instruct you to continue to use these drops for several days. It is especially important that you DO NOT rub your eyes during the first three to five days following the procedure. If you experience pain, discomfort or notice a sudden decrease in vision, you should contact Dr. Green immediately. Otherwise, the only follow-up necessary is to continue your regular eye exams on a routine basis.

How Much Does Visian® ICL™ Cost in Houston?

  • Even if your insurance plan doesn’t cover vision correction, you can use cash, a credit card, or approved financing for payment.
  • Choose from no-interest plans, extended payment options up to 48 months and no down payment.

Please visit our financing page for more information.

Eye Excellence, located in Houston and serving Missouri City and the surrounding areas of Texas, is passionate about one thing—improving your vision so you can lead a healthier, happier life. Contact us now to schedule an appointment now and determine whether you are a good candidate for Visian® ICL™.

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