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Serving residents of Houston, Missouri City and the surrounding communities of Texas, Eye Excellence, led by board-certified ophthalmologist Mary T. Green, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S., provides state-of-the-art techniques such as Custom LASIK/wavefront technology to correct most prescriptions with more accuracy and precision than ever before.

What Is Custom LASIK/Wavefront?

NASA initially introduced wavefront technology for use in high-powered precision telescopes. Now, this highly specialized technology is available for medical use. Using an aberrometer, Dr. Green can observe how light travels through your optical pathway and compare it to how light travels through a perfect eye. This process generates a 3D map of your cornea, called a WavePrint™, that is as unique and individual as your fingerprint and 25 times more accurate than prescriptions done by use of conventional diagnostic equipment. This “fingerprint” electronically transfers critical information to the laser, enabling Dr. Green to modify the laser to each patient’s precise visual requirements.

Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery – Improving the Quality of Your Vision

Several types of visual imperfections may exist within the eye and these are classified as lower-order and higher-order aberrations that affect visual acuity (sharpness) and quality of vision. Prior to the advent of wavefront technology and Custom LASIK surgery, only lower-order aberrations such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism could be measured and treated using prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses or conventional LASIK surgery, however, higher-order aberrations, causing such symptoms as visual glare and halos that cause problems with night vision, were impossible to correct.

With the development of wavefront technology and Custom LASIK surgery, surgeons such as Dr. Green may now employ diagnostic tools that measure 240 unique points along the optical pathway in order to more accurately and precisely detect and correct all types of aberrations. Thanks to the precision that the WavePrint™ map provides, both Custom LASIK and Custom PRK surgery can now improve a patient’s overall vision by correcting how much and how well a person sees.

Who Can Benefit from Custom Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery?

According to statistics, about 80 percent of refractive errors are caused by lower-order aberrations, such as astigmatism, farsightedness (hyperopia) and most commonly, nearsightedness (myopia). The other 20 percent is typically attributed to higher-order aberrations. While lower-order aberrations may be corrected using conventional LASIK or PRK surgery, these treatments may not suffice for individuals with significant higher-order aberrations and it’s likely that the only way to correct vision in those patients is through the use of wavefront-guided technology. Evidence demonstrates that customized wavefront LASIK surgery results in sharper vision and reduces the likelihood of problems with night vision and glare, even in patients with low to moderate amounts of higher-order aberrations. A comprehensive eye evaluation with Dr. Green and obtaining a WavePrint™ map of your visual “fingerprint” is the most accurate and precise method currently available to determine how a customized LASIK procedure will correct your vision.

Custom LASIK with Wavefront Treatment Candidates

In every individual, the pattern of visual imperfections in the eye is as unique as a fingerprint.

Most LASIK candidates may be ideally suited for conventional LASIK surgery, but a thorough evaluation may determine that custom wavefront technology with an advanced vision correction evaluation is the most suitable option for you.

  • Custom technology measures visual imperfections at 200 specific points on your eye.
  • Each of the 200 points may be treated individually and precisely, addressing specific aberrations.
  • In many patients following Custom LASIK or LASEK with wavefront technology, vision may exceed 20/20 and you may actually experience better vision than at any point in your life with or without glasses or contact lenses.
  • This advanced clarity of vision is commonly referred to as “eagle vision”.

Custom LASIK Results

In a clinical study, one year following Custom LASIK with wavefront technology, patients reported these amazing results without prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses:

  • 100 percent were able to pass a visual driving test.
  • 98 percent were able to see at least 20/20.
  • 70 percent were able to see better than 20/20 (compared to only 40 percent for conventional LASIK patients).

Like conventional LASIK surgery, Custom LASIK or LASEK with wavefront technology is performed as an outpatient procedure right in our office. Patients receive topical anesthetic drops and possibly a single dose of Valium to minimize discomfort. The typical recovery period is short and relatively comfortable. Most patients are ready to comfortably resume regular levels of daily activity after just one or two days.

How Much Does LASIK Cost in Houston?

  • Even if your insurance plan doesn’t cover vision correction, you can use cash, a credit card, or approved financing for payment.
  • Choose from no-interest plans, extended payment options up to 48 months and no down payment.

Please visit our Cost of LASIK page for more information.

Eye Excellence, located in Houston and serving Missouri City and the surrounding areas of Texas, is passionate about improving your vision so you can lead a healthier, happier life. Contact Eye Excellence and schedule your appointment to determine if refractive surgery is right for you.

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