Bladeless LASIK in Houston, TX

For residents of Houston, Missouri City or the surrounding communities of Texas, who are interested in surgical vision correction, you will find the area’s most trusted specialists at Eye Excellence, where board-certified ophthalmologist Mary T. Green, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S., performs LASIK and other state-of-the-art laser vision correction procedures, such as Bladeless LASIK.

What Is Bladeless LASIK?

LASIK surgery corrects vision by reshaping the middle layer of the cornea, normally accomplished through the use of a specialized tool known as a microkeratome that cuts a flap into the surface of the cornea. A laser is then used to reshape the cornea according to the patient’s correction prescription. Unfortunately, not all patients qualify for traditional LASIK surgery because some people’s corneas are too thin to create the flap. Bladeless LASIK surgery is an alternative option that allows more patients to consider LASIK surgery thanks to an advanced femtosecond laser device that is used to create a flap on the surface of the cornea. The computer-assisted laser can effectively control the cut with more precision and avoid damaging the other tissue of the cornea and eye. This procedure reduces trauma to the tissue and means that bladeless LASIK patients heal faster than traditional LASIK surgery patients. Once the flap is created via the bladeless technology, a custom laser is used to reshape the cornea.

Bladeless (all-laser) LASIK is very similar to the traditional LASIK procedure. It is a simple, outpatient treatment that corrects most prescriptions in patients who are either nearsighted or farsighted or those who have astigmatism or a combination of conditions. LASIK can set you free from the dependency on glasses and contact lenses, along with the expense and inconvenience associated with both.

The primary differences between conventional LASIK and Bladeless (all-laser) LASIK are as follows:

  • During Bladeless (all-laser) LASIK, the flap is made using a laser instead of the conventional microkeratome or blade. Any individual who is deemed a good candidate for LASIK is also a good candidate for Bladeless LASIK.
  • The flap is created using an IntraLase® FS Laser or Ziemer® Laser, instead of a microkeratome.
  • A computer-controlled laser reshapes the cornea with micron-level accuracy.

This highly innovative technology has been approved for such sensitive subjects as military pilots and astronauts.

Bladeless LASIK versus Traditional LASIK

Bladeless LASIK is considered safer than traditional LASIK because laser energy is used to replace the microkeratome blade traditionally used to create the corneal flap. During LASIK surgery, the corneal flap is lifted and the cornea is reshaped to achieve sharper vision. The flap is then replaced and serves as a naturally protective covering while the eye heals. While traditional LASIK uses a microkeratome blade to create the corneal flap, Bladeless LASIK uses a laser to achieve this.

While LASIK is a safe and common procedure and complications are relatively rare, in some instances the blade used with a traditional microkeratome may create uneven edges in the flap, resulting in abnormal corneal surfaces that cause vision defects, such as irregular astigmatism. Bladeless LASIK creates flaps through infrared laser beams that are safer and more precise than the microkeratome instrument.

The bladeless laser operates at extremely high speeds (pulses of one-quadrillionth of a second), allowing Dr. Green to target and divide tissue at a molecular level without the use of heat and without impacting the surrounding tissue. Bladeless LASIK results in a corneal flap that is created at a precise depth and diameter under Dr. Green’s guidance.

How Much Does Bladeless LASIK Cost in Houston?

  • Even if your insurance plan doesn’t cover vision correction, you can use cash, a credit card, or approved financing for payment.
  • Choose from no-interest plans, extended payment options up to 48 months and no down payment.

Please visit our financing page for more information.

Bladeless (all-laser) LASIK isn’t appropriate or necessary for every patient. Contact the vision experts at Eye Excellence, located in Houston and serving Missouri City and the surrounding areas of Texas to discuss all the advantages of all-laser LASIK during your free advanced vision correction evaluation.

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