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Many people call our office to inquire about LASIK and other laser correction procedures that can free them from wearing glasses and improve their natural vision. At Eye Excellence in Houston, serving Missouri City and the surrounding areas of Texas, board-certified ophthalmologist Mary T. Green, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S., combines the knowledge and expertise to help you determine which laser vision correction option is best for you.


See Your World Like Never Before with the Houston LASIK and Cataract Specialist

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but they are also your windows to the world. It’s extremely important that your eyes are taken care of by Houston ophthalmologists that understand each patient’s vision is unique and requires individualized, custom attention. As LASIK specialists and leaders in innovative treatments and state-of-the-art technology for cataract patients and all other vision needs, Eye Excellence is proud to bear the torch and lead the way in vision care not just for our patients, but for Houston and the rest of the country as well. It is our goal as ophthalmologists and medical professionals to see the world through each of our patients’ eyes and to make sure that our patients’ worlds are clear and bright.

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It’s this attention to individual detail that has made cataract and LASIK surgeon, Dr. Mary T. Green, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S., the go-to ophthalmic surgeon in Houston, TX, for decades. Dr. Green brings unprecedented experience and skill to her patients needing LASIK vision correction, cataract removal, corneal care, glaucoma treatment and a plethora of other necessary ophthalmic procedures. The excellence in Eye Excellence is truly the work of Dr. Green and her ability to open the eyes of our patients to a whole new world they never thought possible or might never see again.

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When you choose Eye Excellence, you can rest assured that you have selected the Houston vision practice with the most state-of-the-art technology available. Dr. Green uses only the latest in LASIK and cataract technology for her patients. For all-laser LASIK, Eye Excellence uses the VISX Star S4 excimer laser and combines it with the safety of all-laser IntraLase. This same procedure is so safe and predictable that it is now approved by the military for its pilots and NASA for its astronauts. Combined with Dr. Green’s skill and expertise, the technology takes the safety and precision of vision correction. Following all-laser LASIK, our Houston LASIK patients often see 20/20 or better postoperatively.

Please use this website as a tool to learn and become informed on vision correction procedures and the symptoms leading up to needing treatment. Regular eye exams are necessary and if it has been awhile, make sure to call and have your eyes examined. Most importantly, feel free to ask questions! We are here to talk and provide answers to any questions you might have regarding your vision, symptoms, treatments, and how you can improve your quality of life with proper vision care.

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" Ian details his results after cataract surgery at Eye Excellence Vision Center. Procedure: Cataract Surgery   Click Here to watch the video " Ian
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" Robert had cataract surgery at Eye Excellence Vision Center. Procedure: Cataract Surgery Click Here to watch the video " Robert F.
" I am a 52 year old male who has been wearing bifocals for over 20 years. I searched the internet for several weeks and finally found Dr. Green’s website. I’ve… " Kent G., Regional Operations Director
" I have worn both contact lenses and glasses. I have been counting the days to have cataract surgery. Dr. Mary Green & staff are wonderful. The best feeling on earth… " Conceicao F., Finance
" Both surgeries changed my life in wonderful and unexpected ways. I can honestly say after a lifetime of bad vision, I have never seen better in my life! Procedure: Cataract… " Tarleton R. – Retired
" LASIK has been the greatest thing I have ever done. I did not think I could ever see this good again. I would recommend it to everybody. Steven (Eye Excellence’s… " Nicole M.
" Great experience! The procedure was quick and easy. The follow-up has been outstanding. I really have enjoyed my life without glasses around. Procedure: Custom LASIK " Larry K., Supply Chain Services
" Not having to wear glasses to see is the best thing. After only one week from surgery, I see without glasses or contact lenses Procedure: Custom LASIK, Monovision " Sheila Alfrey, Teacher
" For someone who has worn glasses and contacts all my life, it has been quite a change not to have to wear them anymore. I have not had any problems… " T. Taylor Brown III, Retired Electrical Designer
" The doctors and staff were exemplary! The LASIK procedure was explained in great detail. Even though I am claustrophobic, the staff managed to get me through with minimal anxiety. Procedure:… " Steven Landes, General Manager
" Great Experience. Steven, Eye Excellence’s Refractive Coordinator, made me feel like I was Eye Excellence’s only patient. I was totally comfortable during my procedure. " Bradley Gates, CPA
" All the staff is very warm and friendly. Dr. Green is an excellent physician and surgeon. She is one of a few physicians who I have dealt with who has… " Elena Salvador
" Superb office staff, physicians, & optometrists. The care was excellent from the preoperative evaluation, the actual surgery, and the postoperative care. It was well worth the drive from Austin! Thank… " Sean G., MD, Physician
" “In 2009, I had surgery to remove cataracts, and had implants put in to replace the damaged lens. I had multifocal intraocular lens implants. It eliminated my dependence on regular… " Vicky M., – Production Supervisor
" I now have 20/20 vision (both eyes) thanks to Dr. Mary Green and her wonderful staff. The surgeries were so easy – even the days of putting drops in your… " Pat C
" “My results were excellent from the moment I opened my eyes. I could not believe how bright and vivid everything was, especially colors. Having been in the fashion industry, being… " Robert F., – Real Estate Broker
" “Excellent results after LASIK which was performed over 3 years ago” Procedure Type: LASIK " Cenk Ozdogan, M.D., – Anesthesiologist
" “Excellent service before, during, and after cataract surgery. I am now 20/20 in both eyes with no astigmatism! Procedure: Cataract Surgery with Tecnis Multifocal lens " RW White, – Retired
" “Dr. Mary Green performed my LASIK surgery in May 2009. Having LASIK surgery improved my quality of life. It was the best decision I have made thus far in my… " Tiffany A. Roberts, – Trial Paralegal
" After 60 years of having to wear glasses, it is tough to realize that when you wake up in the morning, you do not have to put your glasses on..Awesome!… " Douglas Chappell, – Retired
" “Everyone was good, compassionate, and professional” Procedure: Cataract Surgery, Tecnis Multifocal lens " Melba McKee
" “Thank you Eye Excellence for my excellent eye sight in both of my eyes. The cataract surgery and laser treatment was a complete success. I recommend all who need cataract… " Thomas Burke
" I am thrilled with my vision. I have no problem reading the newspaper or any book. I have 20/20 vision. No more contacts or glasses!!! Procedure: Cataract Surgery with Tecnis… " Martha B. Mickey,- Retired Teacher
" “It was hard to decide to spend as much money as the lens cost, but I’m so glad I did. No glasses ever again.” Procedure: Cataract Surgery, ReSTOR Crystalens Level… " Claudia, – Retired RN
" “Exceptional customer service. Professional, attention to needs. Pain free.” Procedure type: Cataract Surgery, Both Eyes " Jessie B., – Retired
" “Dr. Green and her group are great. The procedure was a breeze and recovery as well. It’s so wonderful to see the real colors in the world again.” Procedure: Cataract… " Patricia H., – Retired
" “Had previous cornea surgery, the right eye (done first) took about 3 months to stabilize, and vision was perfect. Waited another 9 months and did the left eye. Great results.”… " Charles L.
" “I love not having to wear contact lenses or glasses. My eyes feel great most all the time.” Procedure: Tecnis Multifocal IOL Level of comfort during surgery: Very comfortable Level… " Marlene M., – Homemaker
" “I was very apprehensive prior to the surgery, but thrilled with the results.” Procedure: Lens Implants Level of comfort during surgery: Excellent Level of comfort post surgery: Excellent " Linda M., – Retired
" “I had gone through the glasses, contacts, bi-focals, and tri-focals stages. After cataract surgery I was amazed how clear everything was, colors are now much brighter.” Procedure: Cataract Surgery Level… " Jean A., – Retired
" I can now read books of all size type font, especially pleasant to be able to see while at the beach, while underwater scuba diving, and the bottom shelf at… " Marcia M., Nurse – Administrator